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Hellsing Cosplay: Seras Wig and Arm Update by Redustrial-Ruin
Hellsing Cosplay: Seras Wig and Arm Update
This is a teaser kind of.. I guess. So, I've always tried to emulate Seras's hair as it is in the manga/OVAs. I've never tried to do this natural look thing.. So I tried it. I don't hate it. So I guess I have 2 Seras wigs now. I want better pics than this of course, but a shoot still hasn't been possible.. and Marz's alucard guns still need to be fixed v.v

Seras Victoria is cosplayed by me :iconredustrial-ruin:
Hellsing Cosplay : Seras : Color Me Blood Red by Redustrial-Ruin
Hellsing Cosplay : Seras : Color Me Blood Red
Another two shots from the set I did for the new wig style and the updated arm. I have to be honest.. I've actually never been happier with how I look as Seras. I'm not sure about the past, but I feel good about better shoots in the future. 

Hellsing Ultimate:

Seras Victoria cosplayed by :iconredustrial-ruin:
Umineko Cosplay: Let the Next Round Begin by Redustrial-Ruin
Umineko Cosplay: Let the Next Round Begin
So... after months of not uploading anything here.. I decided to throw this up because I actually like how it came out. 

I don't know if I'll really get back into using DA or not... Not many of you were replying anymore, so I saw no point of coming on here. It's be nice to start putting things into folders again, though, because pictures have been a mess for me these past few months. I have been categorizing anything, just slapping things up on tumblr. 

Well.. another to add to the Umineko folder. The folder deserves more of the new dress.

Beatrice is cosplayed by me, the photo was also timed and taken by me :iconredustrial-ruin:
Umineko Chiru Cosplay: There Are 17 People by Redustrial-Ruin
Umineko Chiru Cosplay: There Are 17 People
I had shown some other shots of it that weren't as lovely on tumblr to get people pumped, but this.. This is dreams, right here :heart: 

Even though I personally told them and they have seen me fangirl, I want to thank both Trauma and Shadows for participating at Bern and Erika. It was important that I caught Bern fleeing the scene because no one ever does that, and I like to add a sense of comedy to things as most people know :icondeyedplz:

This has all been a long time coming, and I dreamed about it for fucking years. The payoff was more than I imagined. I got to cosplay with Trauma, and meet and discuss Umineko with a lot of interesting people, and even get told I'm peoples' favorite. That's more than I ever hoped for. I am loaded with feels. 
This series is so important to me, and I hope to have some more amazing Umineko shots in the future.


Erika Furudo cosplayed by: :iconshadowsofanightmare:
Beatrice cosplayed by: :iconredustrial-ruin:
Bernkastel is cosplayed by :icontraumaticcandy:
Battler Ushiromiya is cosplayed by: :iconmaxieyi:
Photo by:…

This place feels so quiet nowadays

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 10, 2013, 12:00 PM

I'm one to talk. I don't feel the incentive to be chatty on here anymore, though. No one else really is. I don't know where everyone went. Most of the time I'm on the facebook or tumblr now. 

I keep having this tug of war on whether or not I should keep up with DA anymore. My DA used to have some sort of significance to me, mostly because of the connection with the people watching me.. nowadays, with the exception of a few of my bestest pals and watchers keeping an eye out here... this just feels like the place I host my cosplay pictures. Like a photobucket almost. 

I miss the old days on here. Maybe I'm being too nostalgic. There's so much other social media now other than DA, maybe everyone I used to talk to scattered elsewhere.

random thoughts.. no cosplay updates... though there are some.. I don't feel like going over that now.

Hellsing Cosplay: Rip Van Winkle + Seras Victoria by Redustrial-RuinHellsing Cosplay: Seras Victoria: Fierce Draculina by Redustrial-RuinHellsing Cosplay: Watch Yourself by Redustrial-RuinHellsing Cosplay: What's Your Blood Type? by Redustrial-RuinHellsing Cosplay: Alucard, Seras and Rip by Redustrial-RuinHellsing Cosplay: Alucard and Seras: Taste You by Redustrial-RuinHellsing Cosplay: Seras: World of Madness by Redustrial-RuinHellsing Cosplay: Did someone say Dessert? by Redustrial-RuinUmineko Cosplay: The Golden Witch, Beatrice by Redustrial-RuinUmineko Cosplay: Beatrice x Black Battler: by Redustrial-RuinUmineko Cosplay: Double Homicide: Beato x Battler by Redustrial-RuinHellsing Cosplay: Fancy Seeing You Here by Redustrial-RuinUmineko Cosplay: This is my Valentine by Redustrial-RuinHellsing Cosplay: Seras:Good Time For Some Support by Redustrial-Ruin

Death Note Cosplay: Beyond Birthday and L: Creepin by Redustrial-RuinKuroshitsuji: A Butler's Work by Redustrial-RuinKuroshitsuji: Oh, You by Redustrial-RuinKuroshitsuji: Grell and Madame by Redustrial-RuinBeyond Birthday Cosplay: Death Note: What Style? 2 by Redustrial-RuinKuroshitsuji: WTF Sebastian? by Redustrial-RuinHellsing: Seras Cosplay: Shh, Don't Tell by Redustrial-RuinUmineko Cosplay: Battler Makes me Yearn by Redustrial-RuinHellsing: We are on a Mission by Redustrial-RuinBeyond Birthday: The Doll -Red by Redustrial-RuinDeath Note Cosplay: Wammy's Children by Redustrial-RuinDeath Note W. : Quarter Queen by Redustrial-Ruin
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Le Petit Red
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Hello everyone. Redustrial here with a new account. As some may know, my first account "Redustrial" was hacked and de-activated by someone, so I'm now trying to put together a new DA. Hopefully I can get things back together again soon.


Current Residence: Boston, MA
Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-Rock, Industrial, Trip-Hop
Favourite photographer: Yelena Yemchuck
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau
Favourite cartoon character: Spike Spiegel, L, Sebastian Michaelis
Personal Quote: You're not getting rid of me.

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your awesome :3
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I love your cosplay and seen all your videos on youtube. I remember your BB cosplay of the fanfic Bloody kisses and it makes me sad the fanfic of it is no longer on fanfiction :(.
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Congrats, you just got new fan. grin wink   Don't stop doing what you like, no matter what some people might say. There are so many people who love you work and i am one of them. Heart 
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Hey Red. :)
I have an idea for a Alucard x Seras cosplay pic I'd love to share with both you and Max if you care to hear me out ^^;

Also, and this is part of the idea, did you ever see "Batman Returns" if so, do you remember that scene where Catwoman is on top of Batman and licks him?
SethHellsing Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014   General Artist
I am going to die by the awesomness....bloody hell X3 it is so nice to find you finnally you and your group were my favorites to watch over youtube idc what anyone else says
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Wow your cosplays are amazing. I can see why my friend likes them so much. You actually inspired her to do a BB cosplay. Which by the way I think yours are amazing, though your probably sick of hearing that. 
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